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Quality garage doors are something you can expect with Garage Door Pros service and repair. No matter how much work we put into a job, replacing a garage door or adding a garage door for the first time the quality of the door is important. We are the best garage door company in St George and in being so the quality of the door we use reflects upon the work we do for you as our customer. We are confidant that we provide high quality work and craftsmanship with every job and in doing so we want to ensure you are getting a quality product along with the quality service. When you pick a garage door from us to install we ensure that the durability of the type of door will last for what you will be using it for. We have also found that with most customers who are getting a new garage door may also want an automatic garage door opener or a remote garage door opener. There are so many different brands and variations of garage door openers from the most basic to the new fancy technology. Ensuring that the garage door opener is a good fit for you and the expectations you have with the functions of the system are something we are sure to go over with you. Another very important thing we are sure to cover is matching the quality of the garage door opener to the door. The door is only as good as the opening system and depending on the size and weight of the door will depend on which garage door opening system will work the best and uphold the quality throughout the lifetime of the door.

Residential Doors

We are southern Utah's premier garage door company, and we go above and beyond in all of the garage door services we offer. This of course holds true when you are looking for a new garage door, and need to purchase a new garage door and also have that garage door installed. Garage door installation in Saint George is one of our leading services. We value our clients and are grateful for your business. When we install your garage door we can also install your garage door opener at the same time allowing for the best funtioning garage. This gives you the complete new garage door experience.

Commercial Doors

Garage Door Pros Service & repair is more than just a service for your home. We also serve the businesses in St George with any of their commercial garage door needs. With new construction in and around the Saint George area we have been able to train our garage door professionals with the larger commercial doors on the new construction here in our town. Installing the larger garage doors and repairing large commercial garage doors in St George is something we take great pride in being able to finish for you and leave you with a perfect end result in your commercial garage door project.

Trailer Doors, Gates and More

Along with residential and commercial doors Garage Door Pros specializes in repairing the drop down gates that get used and warn out on work and camper trailers. We also specialize in repairing or replacing automatic gate openers that may be giving you issues if they are warn out or just needing adjusments. Along with doors we service all door openers, if its just needing a simple adjusment to needing to be completely replaced we can do it all.


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