When selling a new garage door, it’s essential to follow a structured approach to ensure that the customer’s needs are accurately met and that the service is high quality. Here are the detailed steps to guide the sales process:

Step 1 – Initial Questions to Ask

  1. Dimensions: Confirm the height and width of the garage door space. Accurate measurements are crucial for proper door fitting.
  2. Preferred Style:  Discuss styles like short panel, long panel, carriage house, flush texture, and flush smooth. Show pictures, if available, to help the customer visualize.
  3. Color Options: Present color choices such as White, Almond, Brown, Wood-like, and other custom colors. Samples or a color chart can be helpful here.

Step 2 – Information Gathering

  1. Door Style:
    • Photograph the Site: Capture the existing garage door and space. Take a picture of the customer’s current setup to match or recommend a new style.
    • Options to Present:
      • Short Panel
      • Long Panel
      • Carriage House
      • Flush Textured
      • Flush Smooth
  2. Color Choices:
    • White
    • Almond
    • Brown
    • Wood-like
    • Other (specify)
  3. Windows:
    • If yes, discuss the type/style of windows.
    • If no, proceed to the next question.
  4. Stop Molding:
    • Confirm if stop molding is required.
  5. Door Type:
    • Regular (non-insulated)
    • Polyback (insulated)
    • Steelback (insulated)
  6. Low Headroom Inquiry:
    • Check if there is less than 12 inches of headroom above the door.
    • Options: 3.5 Inch, Zero Clearance.
  7. Type of Track:
    • One Inch (for trucks and semi-trailers)
    • Two Inch (most residential/commercial)
    • Three Inch (heavier doors)
  8. Track Replacement:
    • Assess if the existing track needs replacing.
  9. Door Frame Condition:
    • Check for any cracks or damage. Photograph if necessary.
  10. Door Header Condition:
  1. Existing Opener:
    • Chain Drive
    • Belt Drive
    • None (if applicable)
  2. Motor Replacement:
    • Determine the need for replacing the motor based on its condition.

Additional Considerations

Finalizing the Sale

By following these steps, Garage Door Pros can provide thorough and professional service, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining the high standards associated with the brand. Remember to keep the interaction customer-centric, addressing their concerns and preferences throughout the process.