Navigating the Garage Door Market in Southern Utah: A Comparative Guide

When choosing the right garage door service in Southern Utah, the options can be overwhelming. Homeowners and property managers often face many choices, each promising the best quality and service. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comparative guide featuring some of the key players in the market: Mehr’s Garage Door, Jones Paint and Glass, and Desert Door. We’ll also discuss how Garage Door Pros stands out in this competitive landscape.

In the bustling market of Southern Utah, the garage door industry is more competitive than ever. Companies are vying for the attention of homeowners, property managers, and builders. While Garage Door Pros has established itself as a trusted name with a Google Guaranteed badge and a 4.8-star rating, it’s crucial to understand the competition to stay ahead.

Google Guaranteed advertisers are home services providers that have passed our extensive verification process. The process varies by business category and location and may include background, business registration, insurance, and license checks, and minimum review requirements.”

The Big Players

Competitor: Mehrs Garage Door
Competitor: Mehrs Garage Door

Mehr’s Garage Door

They’ve been in the business for over 35 years, making them one of the most experienced competitors. That is until the founder passed away in 2022. Lately, we have heard from many residential customers who cannot find or reach them anymore. They offered various services, from garage door installation to entry doors and security gates.

What They Offer

Mehr’s Garage Door has been a staple in the Southern Utah community for years. They offer various garage door styles, from traditional to modern.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for a company with a proven track record, Mehr’s Garage Door is a safe bet. However, their less-than-stellar online presence might make it difficult for tech-savvy customers to engage with them.

Competitor: Jones Paint and Glass
Competitor: Jones Paint and Glass

Jones Paint and Glass

What They Offer

While primarily known for its paint and glass services, Jones Paint and Glass has diversified into the garage door market. They offer both residential and commercial garage door installations. I have personally witnessed Jones P&G marking up their prices for materials, such as garage doors and motors, over six times the amount of what they paid for them.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your home improvement needs, Jones Paint and Glass might be the right choice. However, their broad focus means they may not offer the specialized garage door services you’re looking for. As always, please read the reviews of the company before hiring them!

Desert Garage Door

What They Offer

Desert Door is a local business that focuses solely on garage doors. They offer various services, including new installations, repairs, and maintenance packages. However, they don’t seem as anxious to send their technicians out on residential garage door issues after they’ve installed the garage door. One customer reported that they were rude and unhelpful on the phone. Therefore, she called Garage Door Pros.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Takeaway

Desert Door is great for those looking for modern, tech-savvy solutions for their garage doors. However, their limited experience and service area might concern some. Additionally, they don’t have a phone number or website listed online, which might make it hard to find them in the future.

Garage Doors Only

This company is known for its wide range of garage door styles and materials. They offer both residential and commercial services, making them a versatile competitor. Their online reviews often highlight their quick service and professional installation.

Garage Doors Only focuses solely on garage doors, offering a comprehensive range of services from installations to repairs and maintenance.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Takeaway

If you’re seeking a company that lives and breathes garage doors, Garage Doors Only is your go-to. However, their specialized focus comes at a premium price. You will need to be ready to spend a lot on a new garage door and have lots of patience, as the wait times for new garage doors can be extremely long. Plus, Garage Door Pros has been instrumental in making their doors quieter, as the garage door hinges they use are NOISY!

A+ Garage Doors

A+ Garage Doors has a strong online presence, informative blog, and active social media channels. They offer 24/7 emergency services, which can be a significant selling point for customers in a bind. A+ Garage Doors has built its reputation on customer satisfaction. They offer various garage door services and are strongly focused on customer service. However, the team here in Saint George is extremely busy, and wait times are longer than most.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Takeaway

If customer service is your top priority, A+ Garage Doors is a strong contender. However, they may not offer the latest tech-savvy solutions for your garage door needs, and if price is a concern, then you may need to have a higher for any major repairs or a new garage door.

Advanced Garage Door Works

This is a smaller, local business that focuses solely on garage door installation for new homes. They don’t offer as many services as we do, but they are known for their quick and cheap garage doors. We call these types of garage doors “Contractor Doors,” as they are often very inexpensive and cheaply made.  Contractor Doors tend to fall apart within five to ten years and must be replaced within a few short years of heavy use.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for a modern, tech-forward approach to garage doors, Advanced Garage Door Works is the company to watch. However, their focus on innovation comes with a higher price tag. However, it’s best to read the reviews from real customers before hiring these guys.


DIY Garage Door Parts

This online-based business caters to the DIY crowd, offering parts and tutorials for those who want to take on garage door repairs themselves. While they don’t offer installation or repair services, they are a go-to resource for DIY enthusiasts.

Garage Door Pros Magnet

How Garage Door Pros Differentiates Itself: Elevating the Standard for Garage Door Services in Southern Utah

In a market teeming with options, standing out is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. At Garage Door Pros, we’ve taken several strategic steps to differentiate ourselves in the Southern Utah garage door service landscape. Here’s how we rise above the competition:

Google Guaranteed and Highly Rated

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Garage Door Pros is our Google Guaranteed status. This badge of trust assures you that we’ve passed Google’s stringent qualification process, which includes background checks and license verifications. Coupled with our impressive 4.8-star rating on Google, backed by over 200 reviews, this makes us one of the most reliable and trusted garage door service providers in the area.

Safety-First Approach

While most companies focus solely on installation and repair services, we go the extra mile by offering free safety inspections to our loyal customers. These inspections are designed to identify any potential issues that could compromise the safety and functionality of your garage door. By proactively addressing these issues, we help you avoid costly repairs down the line and ensure the safety of your family.

Customer-Centric Philosophy

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is not just lip service; it’s embedded in our business model. From the moment you contact us to the completion of your project, we aim to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience. Our technicians are trained to offer personalized solutions, and our customer service team is always on standby to address any concerns or queries you may have.

Local SEO Optimization

We understand the importance of being easily discoverable when potential customers search for garage door services in Southern Utah and surrounding areas. That’s why we’ve invested in optimizing our website for local search. By targeting location-based keywords and continually updating our content, we ensure that we’re not just another name in the crowd but the first one you see when you need garage door services.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

While some of our competitors specialize in either residential or commercial garage doors, we offer a broad range of garage door services that cater to both. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your garage door or a property manager needing emergency repairs, we have the skills and resources to meet your needs.

Competitive Pricing

Quality service doesn’t have to break the bank. We offer competitive pricing options without compromising on the quality of our work. Our transparent pricing model ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for, with no hidden charges or last-minute surprises.

Why Choose Us?

Unique Selling Points

  1. Google Guaranteed: This assures customers that they are dealing with a reputable service provider.
  2. High Customer Ratings: Our 4.8-star rating is a testament to our quality service.
  3. Free Safety Inspections: We offer this specialized service to ensure your garage door is always in optimal condition, making us a thought leader in garage door safety.

Opportunities for Customers

By choosing Garage Door Pros, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in peace of mind. Our free safety inspections can identify potential issues before they become major problems, saving you time and money in the long run.


While Mehr’s Garage Door, Jones Paint and Glass, and Desert Door have strengths and weaknesses, Garage Door Pros offers a unique blend of quality, reliability, and specialized services. Our focus on customer satisfaction and safety sets us apart in the crowded Southern Utah garage door market.

So the next time you need a garage door service, remember that Garage Door Pros is not just another option; we’re your best choice for quality and peace of mind.

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