You may not give it much thought, but the bottom seal of your garage door plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of your garage. Today, we’re sharing some real-life stories from our valued customers who have experienced significant benefits from replacing their worn-out garage door seals. These testimonials underscore why this seemingly small component is a big deal.

The Johnson Family: A Dust-Free Garage at Last!

The Johnsons live in an area of Hurricane, Utah, where dust storms are a common occurrence. They noticed that their garage had become a dust magnet and couldn’t figure out why. After a free safety inspection from Garage Door Pros, they learned their bottom seal was practically non-existent.

Before: Their garage was constantly dusty, requiring frequent cleaning.
After: With a new garage door seal, the Johnsons enjoy a cleaner garage and have even converted half of it into a home gym!

Sarah’s Story: Lower Energy Bills

Sarah, a resident of St. George, was puzzled by her rising energy bills. She had tried everything—from installing energy-efficient appliances to sealing windows—yet the bills kept climbing. It wasn’t until she called us for a free safety inspection that she discovered her garage door seal was severely damaged.

Before: Sarah paid an extra $30 monthly on her energy bills.
After: A new seal later, Sarah happily reports that her energy bills have decreased by 10%.

Aaron’s Welding Workshop: No More Pests

Aaron runs a small auto repair workshop out of his garage in Washington City. He was frustrated with the constant intrusion of pests. Despite using pesticides, the problem persisted. A quick inspection revealed that his garage door seal had gaps large enough for pests to enter.

Before: Aaron was spending around $50 a month on pest control.
After: A new garage door seal has made his workshop a no-entry zone for pests, saving him money and stress.

Why Choose Garage Door Pros for Your Seal Replacement?

  1. Free Safety Inspection: We offer free safety inspections to identify any issues with your garage door, including the state of your bottom seal.
  2. Expert Service: Our garage door professionals ensure a quick and efficient replacement process.
  3. Local Experience: Being based in Southern Utah, we understand the unique challenges posed by the local climate and can recommend the best seals for your needs.

Support Local Business! Garage Door Pros is a Member of the Washington City Chamber of Commerce


As these stories illustrate, replacing your garage door seal can make a difference. Whether it’s reducing your energy bills, keeping your garage clean, or even preventing pest intrusion, a functional bottom seal is essential.

Ready to make a change that brings a difference? Contact Garage Door Pros for a free safety inspection today!

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