Side-hinged garage doorA side-hinged garage door is a type of door hinged on the sides and swung outward to open. These doors are typically made of wood, steel, or aluminum and are commonly found in traditional or older homes.

Side-hinged garage doors offer several benefits over other types of garage doors. They are easy to operate manually and allow for partial opening, which can be helpful when entering or exiting the garage quickly without fully opening the door. They also provide a more traditional look to a home, which can be desirable for some homeowners.

However, side-hinged garage doors do have some drawbacks. They require space on the sides of the garage for the doors to swing open, which can be a problem for narrow driveways or garages with limited space. They also require regular maintenance to keep the hinges and locks functioning correctly.

Overall, a side-hinged garage door can be a good choice for homeowners who prefer a traditional look and easy manual operation and have enough space in their garage and driveway to accommodate the doors.

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