Sliding garage doorsA sliding garage door is a type of garage door that operates by sliding horizontally along a track to open and close. This type of garage door is often used when there is limited headroom above the opening or where a traditional overhead garage door is not practical due to space constraints.

Sliding garage doors are typically made from steel, aluminum, or wood and are available in various styles and finishes to match the home’s design. They can be manually operated or automated using a garage door opener.

One advantage of a sliding garage door is that it requires less overhead clearance than a traditional one, making it a good choice for garages with low ceilings or limited space. Another advantage is that sliding garage doors are often more secure than conventional overhead doors, which cannot be easily lifted or forced open.

However, sliding garage doors require more horizontal space than traditional overhead doors, so they may not be suitable for all garage configurations. Additionally, they can be more challenging to install and maintain than conventional overhead doors.

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